Move better
without pain

Sports massage in Wageningen

by Dennis Bast

up and running again


By targeting the root cause of your problems you'll experience permanent relief from your aches and pains.

Versatile approach

Besides sports massage I apply various methods such as trigger point and soft tissue release.

Self massage

I will teach you how you can simply and effectively reduce the pain symptoms that bother you the most.

Sportmassage van de kuitspier

treatment method

Many pain complaints in joints and muscles (such as wrist, ankle, back, knee) are easy to solve.

A few treatments are often enough to reduce your symptoms.


30 minutes


For example, in 30 minutes I can massage the front or back of both your legs.

45 minutes


For example, in 45 minutes I can massage your back, shoulder girdle or both your arms.

60 minutes


For example, in 60 minutes I can massage the front and back of both your legs.

About Dennis Bast

I am Dennis Bast, sports masseur & posture expert in Wageningen with a passion for sports and exercise.

I learned to remedy my own injuries and aches and pains through self-massage. And discovered that you can not only reduce pain through massage, but also that it makes your muscles more flexible and stronger.

Since then I have been completely captivated by the study of the human body. I became even more enthusiastic when I also had success with massage with friends and family. Now I use this passion to help other people move better without pain.

what clients say

Dennis not only gives good massages, but also helps to remove the cause of your movement problems. He doesn't look at symptoms, but at the big picture. Dennis puts the finger(s) on the sore spot, and that's exactly what your body needs!
Jora Steennis
Survival runner
Dennis helps me with his exceptional sports massage for back, wrist and calf complaints. Sometimes my body is out of balance, usually due to excessive exertion. His working method suits me and brings clear relief and flexibility.
Toon Hoefsloot
Toon Hoefsloot
Kayaker, sailor and hiker





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